Large Format Printing

Plan Printing & Copying

Plan printing in B&W or Colour, up to A0 size.

Architectural plans for building and renovating, and planning submissions are on the increase as the population grows. Opening a newspaper will tell you immediately how many developments are going up and how the property market is expanding. All of these require a plan printing solution. Colour Domain is able to do plan printing from a hard copy or a disk / email supplied in PDF format. Prints are done while you wait, as we are able to produce six A0 standard plan prints per minute in black & white. Plan sizes range from A3 through to A0.

Large Format Outdoor

Posters, PVC / Self-adhesive Vinyl Stickers, Magnetic Signage, Canvas Prints and electro static vinyl amongst other products.

Colour Domain makes use of two HP large format Latex Machines to print from. These machines are Eco friendly and have less impact on the environment. It also enables us to print on various media, e.g. sticker media for Cromadeck, ABS, Correx board and car signage applications.

In fact we can print anything from a wrapper for a stick of chewing gum to an outdoor billboard (our maximum print width is 1.5m).

These are truly versatile machines and can cut the costs on any small poster run.

Large Format Printing & Signage

Colour Domain is a large format digital printing company for:

  • Banner Printing (roll up and outdoor PVC)
  • Full Colour Poster Printing (A2, A1, A0 or custom sizes to your specifications)
  • Canvas Printing
  • Self-adhesive Stickers
  • Backlit Posters
  • Full Colour Plan Printing
  • Digital Signage on ABS, Foam Board or Correx
  • Wall Paper
  • Vinyl Wall Art
  • Magnetic Signage such as Fridge Magnets & Car Magnets

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